Situated in Sialkot, Deelux Sports is a major export player in sports gear. They wanted to provide a luxury experience to their export clients visiting them in Pakistan. Thus, the outlook had to be grand and modern at the same time. Keeping this in mind we were able to create a design for them that was just right. It had a grand multi-story courtyard giving each floor a great view of the space. Luxury offices for the management, spacious working stations for employees and feature rooms like an experience centre and dining room. In a nutshell, this had to be one of the best factory offices in the city.

vision vision


  • Interior Design including the branding layout of the office
  • Civil work
  • Hard and soft interior finishes
  • Aluminium and glass work
  • Wood work
  • Ceiling work
  • Paint and branding work
  • HVAC plan and deployment
  • Lighting plan and deployment
  • Electrical plan and deployment
  • Public health plan and deployment
  • Networking plan (data, voice, cameras and smoke detection points) and deployment
  • Entire procurement


It was a large-scale office project and had a very clear purpose of attracting new business while keeping the existing clients intact. Therefore, we were able to play with the finest possible materials to create the perfect blend that resulted in a successful project. The one-stop solution came in handy once again as it simplified the tedious part of the process for the client. We were able to control all aspects of execution flawlessly.