Starcom was an exciting project for the company. In addition to being the leading media buying house in the country with a multi-national clientele such as Coca-Cola and Samsung, Starcom has a robust and prominent company culture. Our main brief was to translate the company culture into their office design and execution. The key elements that were kept in mind were the factor of inclusivity along with expressing social activity in modern terms. We employed the use of different and unique materials, a carefully laid out furniture plan on spatial division that considered the layout of areas, a networking plan, and provision for future expansion.

vision vision


  • Interior Design including the branding layout of the retail store
  • Civil work
  • Hard and soft interior finishes
  • Aluminium and glass work
  • Wood work
  • Ceiling work
  • Paint and branding work
  • HVAC plan and deployment
  • Lighting plan and deployment
  • Electrical plan and deployment
  • Public health plan and deployment
  • Networking plan (data, voice, cameras and smoke detection points) and deployment
  • Entire procurement


Working in close synergy with the client on the entire project scope and having a clear understanding of all the requirements in the brief stage led us to deploy a smart working plan in which we were able to carry out all the processes in parallel to one another and reduce the project completion time without compromising on any aspect of quality. The in-house provision of all services was critical in achieving efficiency and reducing hassle for our clients. This was a major reason behind Cyanic being appointed with this Islamabad office project following the Lahore one.